The work of SCRG is performed by its committees. Each committee consists of a number of directors and may also include members who are not on the Board of Directors. Committees meet periodically in person or through electronic means to achieve their objectives. Committee chairs report on their activities at each Board meeting.

Marketing & Communications Committee
To develop the marketing and communications materials in English and French for member and external communication.

Membership & Fundraising Committee
Prior to CCAA: To develop and implement initiatives to grow the number of active members in SCRG and generate revenue to meet the association's contingency fund goals.
After CCAA: The focus of the committee shifted to maintaining the accuracy of the membership file, facilitating communication to and receiving feedback from members across the Canada.

Pension & Benefits Committee
Prior to CCAA: To protect the pensions and benefits of Sears Canada retirees through advocacy, review of plan data, education, and the development of an open and transparent dialogue with Sears Canada.
After CCAA: The focus of the committee shifted to representing all Sears Canada retirees throughout the CCAA process.

Court Appointed Representatives
In June 2017, Sears Canada received creditor protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act. Since that time, SCRG has adopted a more assertive role, fighting to protect the pensions and benefits of all retirees and their surviving beneficiaries. Three SCRG Board members, Ken Eady, Larry Moore and Bill Turner, have been appointed by the Ontario Superior Court to represent all Sears Canada retirees.